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Document Scanning FAQ

Q.) What is document imaging or scanning?
A.) Document scanning is the process of scanning paper documents, converting them to digital images that can be stored on CD, DVD or stored electronically and viewed via the QuinlanVault®, where they can be viewed or downloaded.

Q.) Why and when to use document imaging or scanning?
A.) Document imaging or scanning brings the two worlds of online and paper together in a way that can help make you more productive. In addition to scanning your documents (eliminating the need for the paper copy) our QuinlanVault will allow you to manage your scanned documents, faxes and other records via your computer.

Q.) Why should I convert my documents to digital format?
A.) Reasons for converting include faster and more flexible access to documents; the ability to share documents among multiple users and across many locations; reduces costs for storage and document management; and quick restoration of essential records in case of a disaster.

Q.) Do you return my documents or destroy them after creating a scanned image?
A.) Both options are available. You can scan paper documents for archiving or The Quinlan Companies can provide document destruction services to safely and securely shred your documents.

Q.) How do we determine which documents to convert?
A.) Many facilities have already developed a list of high-priority imaging projects. Our Regional Sales Managers can help you prioritize your projects in a way that will deliver the best results for your particular needs.

Q.) Will the sensitive information on my documents remain private?
A.) The Quinlan Companies handles highly sensitive client information on a daily basis. We handle all types of private information including medical, legal and mortgage information.

Q.) How much do your services cost?
A.) Pricing for scanning services is varies due to the volume of documents to be scanned, the nature of the original paper documents, and if additional formats and delivery services are requested. For a detailed estimate please contact one of our Regional Sales Managers.

Q.) What are the advantages of outsourcing my documents to be scanned?
A.) PDF conversion requires great attention to detail, and it can be a tedious process to complete. Outsourcing your paper scanning documents saves time and resources, and gives you access to the knowledge and skills of a trained, experienced scanning specialist.

Q.) What electronic formats are used for the scanned documents?
A.) The Quinlan Companies can scan in a variety of popular file formats, such as PDF, JPEG and TIFF.

Q.) How fast can you get your documents converted to CD?
A.) Turn around time depends on the volume of documents, the level of services requested, advanced notice, the condition of the paper files and our current job queue. If getting the best cost-per-page is not as important as getting it back ASAP, emergency requests are available, just contact a Quinlan scanning representative if you have any time constraints.

Q.) How will my images be delivered?
A.) Images can be delivered in a number of ways. They can be uploaded into your storage system, shipped to you on a read-only CD or DVD, or sent via secured email. Our recommended option is to upload the images to QuinlanVault and allow you secure access so you can manage your images online.

Q.) What do I need to do to get started?
A.) Call our toll-free number: 888-416-5353 or contact our sales department at: Our Regional Sales Account Managers will respond to your request within 24 hours and soon we can be scanning all your vital business documents.