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Mammography Digitizing FAQ

Q.) Why should you digitize your current analog mammography films?
A.) Your time is important. The days of doctors or radiologist reading digital studies on a workstation and then utilizing traditional mammography equipment to view prior analog studies on a light box are over. Also there is a significant difference in the luminance of a light box verses a 5k monitor making it difficult to compare studies.

Q.) Will my digitized analog films display correctly on our mammography workstations?
A.) Using the DICOM standard to identify the specific views contained on each film ensures that prior film studies are correctly displayed on mammography workstations alongside current digitized studies. This will increase the efficiency and productivity.

Q.) Explain the technology you use for digitizing analog mammography films?
A.) We evaluated many options and after much deliberation, we decided on the TotalLook MammoAdvantage System from iCAD.

Q.) Do you digitize the entire film library or just the current work list?
A.) The solution is completely customized to meet your requirements. In most cases we digitize your daily work list and two years prior. Facilities with smaller libraries and fewer cases, we digitize their entire mammography library.

Q.) What if we do not want to move our mammography films off-site?
A.) The Quinlan Companies can provide trained employees and iCAD TotalLook MammoAdvantage systems at your facility.

Q.) What are the benefits of outsourcing digitizing versus buying your own equipment and staff?
A.) There is no capital expenditure with our digitizing solution. The hospital can pay a flat monthly fee for our on site services or per case digitizing fee direct from Quinlan’s facility to your PACS. There is no need to hire additional staff with our solution. We take care of the staffing and the equipment. When the project is done we move on to the next project for another customer.

Q.) How long does digitizing take?
A.) We provide custom quotes based on your needs. Normally, after a one or two year period, enough historical images have been downloaded into your PACS system that you will no longer need our services.

Q.) Will your digitizer work with our PACS system?
A.) Yes, our Total Look MammoAdvantage digitizer integrates with virtually every system in the marketplace today, because of its open architecture design.

Q.) How long does it take for the scanned images to enter my PACS system?
A.) Average delivery time is thirty (30) seconds per image.

Q.) How many images can be digitized per day, per digitizer?
A.) Depending on workflow, one Full-Time Employee utilizing one digitizer can digitize approximately 600-700 images per day, depending on workflow.

Q.) If I have an emergency request, what is the turn around time to receive the patient's images, and will it cost me extra?
A.) An emergency request can be sent within an hour and there will be a slight increase in price per image associated with this emergency request.

Q.) What do I need to do to get started?
A.) Call our toll-free number: 888-416-5353 or contact our sales department at: Our Regional Sales Account Managers will respond to your request within 24 hours and soon after we can begin the process of digitizing your mammography records.