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Records Management FAQ

Q.) Why do we need off-site storage and protection of our health records?
A.) The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires physicians to ensure they are protecting the privacy and security of patient medical information. The Quinlan Companies has the ability to store multiple years and types of documents in our alarmed, secured and HIPAA compliant facilities.

Q.) How quickly can I get information delivered to our facility when it is needed?
A.) Same day delivery is available for requests submitted by determined timeframes at regular rate charges. Requests made by clients outside our delivery area can be delivered by overnight delivery services and we offer emergency delivery within two hours for rates determined by yourself and our account managers.

Q.) How do you know where my records are at your facility?
A.) Provided that your records are data-entered or downloaded into our QuinlanVault®, we can generate a detailed lot report defining your record placement within our storage facilities.

Q.) How much space can we have?
A.) Our client's storage space differs depending on the number of records to be stored. We will allocate the amount of space required for the type, size and number of records to be stored. Our regional sales account managers will answer any questions on your space allocation and costs.

Q.) Can we use our own boxes for storage?
A.) If your box is industry standard sized and fits our space requirements, then they can be used for storage. However your container must be in good shape has a lid and has the ability to be lifted. The Quinlan Companies can supply storage boxes at a minimal cost to you, if required.

Q.) Do you have pickup and delivery service?
A.) The Quinlan Companies is a full service center that can accommodate all your delivery and pick-up requirements. We have a courier staff that delivers records and films to our clients 7 days a week, as well as overnight delivery service when necessary.

Q.) How fast can we get our records, and will you retrieve them for us?
A.). We will deliver your records by the times requested on a daily basis, or via overnight delivery service. We also offer emergency delivery service and will deliver your documents within two hours of request.

Q.) Can I get my records anytime?
A.) By requesting via our QuinlanVault®, fax or phone call, your records are available to you at all times.

Q.) Do you destroy records and how do you do this?
A.) Our Regional Sales Account Managers will meet with our clients to review their destruction needs. Once a destruction authorization form has been signed your documents will be destroyed using the utmost level of security. A certificate of destruction will be generated and sent to clients for their records.

Q.) What is your pricing structure, and how do I find out more?
A.) Our Regional Customer Account Managers will review and prepare a quotation for the services you require.

Q.) What do I need to do to get started?
A.) Call our toll-free number: 888-416-5353 or contact our sales department at: Our Regional Sales Account Managers will respond to your request within 24 hours and soon your records will be transported to The Quinlan Companies for safe and secure storage.