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Secure Shredding FAQ

Q.) What happens to my material after it is shredded?
A.) All shredded material is mixed, bailed and recycled. It is shipped to paper mills where it is used as a pulp substitute sparring the harvesting of new trees for their pulp.

Q.) Are you approved to do HIPAA related document destruction of medical records?
A.) The Quinlan Companies have Business Associate Agreements with all our clients and vendors for the destruction by shredding of all medical records.

Q.) Under the HIPAA regulations, is it advisable that medical records should be destroyed?
A.) If a covered entity fails to apply destruction policies uniformly or where destruction is contrary to policy, courts may allow a jury to infer in a negligence suit.

Q.) What methods are used to achieve paper destruction?
A.) The documents must be destroyed so there is no possibility of reconstruction. Methods for destroying paper records include shredding and pulverizing, while maintaining the confidentiality of the protected health information they may contain.

Q.) How will I know that my documents were destroyed?
A.) The Quinlan Companies will provide a certificate of destruction letter once the documents have been destroyed.

Q.) If my material is stored in hard to access locations can you provide the necessary labor to remove the material?
A.) We can supply all necessary labor and supplies to remove your materials wherever they are located. Please contact a regional sales account manager to set up a meeting for scheduling the pick up and destruction.

Q.) What do I need to do to get started?
A.) Call our toll-free number: 888-416-5353 or contact our sales department at: Our Regional Sales Account Managers will respond to your request within 24 hours and soon we can begin the process of your secure document destruction.